Yes, I Can… Buy

November 17, 2009 at 9:16 am | Posted in News | 2 Comments

Spotting the new concept store, the latest trend, hear about a funny gizmo and search for it, enjoy the smell of a discovery, apprehend a new technology, get clued on what to wear by observing, searching, looking and trying, taste a new cuisine, learn about new music and books are what make my hobby.

I am passionate about discovering new cultures and understand various living habits as well as consumption behaviours. But, above and beyond all other consideration: Pass it on! I am not aware of any better satisfaction than the one to share. My PC is close to explosion as it is full of videos and pictures I made over my free times everywhere I went and lived.

As for my job, I’ve worked in the PR and marketing sector for the last five years which made me become quite a juggler. Hopefully, not in the classic “clown-at-the-circus” sense!!! but as it relates to thriving in an environment when I’m juggling task after task in a limited amount of time.

I’m so anxious to parlay this experience into this job and I need you to make it real! You will find on this blog info, homemade videos, pictures to help you choose me… Yes, I can search for the best deals, the latest trends, compare, buy and share with you!

Yes, I can buy!


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