The Vivienne Westwood collection 80% off

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What would the planet fashion be without Vivienne Westwood? This world-known British stylist responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream…
Essential design elements include the adoption of traditional elements of Scottish design such as tartan fabric while her collection is inspired by punk accessories: safety pins, razor blades, bicycle or lavatory chains on clothing and spiked dog collars for jewellery, as well as outrageous make-up and hair.
Amongst the more unusual elements of her style is the use of historical 17th and 18th century cloth cutting principles, velvet, knitwear… The use of these traditional elements makes the overall effect of her designs more shocking.
Are you inspired by modern punk? Want to buy a tartan bag or the latest shoes of her collection without spending more than on an H&M shopping excursion? Are you in Paris this coming Thursday or Friday?
Well, I have this very unique and exclusive invitation for two, to participate in the bi-annual Westwood sample sales, where you’ll find no line or rush but great bargains in a beautiful apartment turned into a store.
The deal? If you are available tomorrow end of afternoon to get this invite in Paris, drop me an email … First-come, first served… or the best comment on my youtube video related to my (second) best job application… not sure yet!  

Be good to your wardrobe, be good to the environment!

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The Dalia and Rose concept store just opened its doors and is the first ethical multibrand concept store in Paris. Launched by former model Clélia Moretton, the shop gives us a new vision of fashion in an ethical way. The store promotes organic materials, 100% hand-crafted materials, new designers, ethical jewellery.

A brief interview of Clélia in her store

Clélia has tracked down a brilliant selection of up-and-coming labels including Camilla Norback, a Swedish designer working with organic silk, Leaf, a recognized brand when it comes to organic cotton, Aqua the sustainable jeans maker, Pachacuti, which claims to sell the world’s first fair-trade panama hats; jewelry by Nikki Butler, a South African designer whose intricate beaded creations, under the label Nikki b, have already been snapped up by the likes of Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears. Dalia and Rose also has a large range of accessories hand-made by fair-trade co-operatives in Bolivia and ballerina flats that have been ethically sourced . Clélia searches for the right products by travelling and participating in all the ethical and fashion fairs. Her choices are always the result of personal choices and “coup de coeur”.
The idea is to make the shopping experience at Dalia and Rose good for the environment as well as you’re wardrobe, from 20 to 300 euros. Future months will be about opening the online store and developing the men’s range.
9 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré, 1st, Métro: Tuileries

The Hong Kong insider’s guide to shopping outside

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Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of shopping and it often feels like one giant interconnected shopping mall with huge indoor shopping centers linked together via bridges, tunnels, tram, trains, boats… You could even visit Hong Kong and never get out of this gigantic mall that carries all the major international brands, hotels, food courts, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, supermarkets…
But what about experiencing the real Hong Kong? Hear the city’s heart beat while you look for bargains and souvenirs?
The city is full of outdoor markets where good deals and great stuff is to be found. Those are dedicated to locals and offer better deals as well as a more typical visit. In order to truly experience day-to-day life in Hong Kong, make sure to explore the city’s many specialized markets.
First, you will find a variety of intriguing markets on the Kowloon Peninsula that faces Hong Kong Island.

Ladies Market

The Ladies Market

 This is one of the largest street markets in Hong Kong. This gigantic bazaar sells everything from socks to electronics.  Despite the name, men’s clothes are widely available. It is noisy and very crowded but the place to go if you want to buy cheap and fun clothing, Chinese souvenirs, toys and accessories. Most stalls open at noon and close around 10pm.  It is located on Tung Choi Street in the Mong Kok District.  You can get there via the Mong Kok MTR station and take exit E2. 




Fa Yuen Street

This market is also called the Sportswear Street. You will find good deals on running shoes, hiking boots, backpacks, baseball hats and other athletic gear.  Most stalls open at noon and close around 10pm.  It is located on  Fa Yuen Street in the Mong Kok District. You can get there via the Prince Edward MTR station and take exit B2. 

Jade Market

You can’t come to Hong Kong and go back home without some souvenirs made of jade. This market is full of vendors selling rings, pendants, figurines and anything else that could possibly be carved out of jade.  Check out the bins of small carved animals and other icons for HK$10 each.  For everything else, you really need to bargain and make the price fall.  You shouldn’t buy any expensive items unless you know your jade as well as the vendors do!  It opens at 9 am everyday until 2pm although some vendors remind open until 6 pm. You can get there via the Yau Ma Tei MTR station and take exit C.  The vendors are on Kansu Street. 

Temple Street Night Market

Every night Temple Street is closed to traffic and turned into a huge outdoor. The merchandise is never the same from one week to another but it is one of the best places to buy cheap toys, silk ties and souvenir T-shirts. It’s a fun place to spend the evening as there are typical outdoor restaurants on the streets around the market. You will need to exit at Jordan MTR station and take exit A.  Head west on Jordan Road to Temple Street and you can’t miss the bright lights and crowds of the night market.   

Ap Liu Street Market

This bustling market spills out over several streets and attracts locals looking mainly for electronics and other electrical goods, though you can buy virtually anything else there as well: duct tape, padlocks, brooms, DVDs…  If you need a used mobile phone or feel like the only foreigner, this is where to go! Most shops open at noon and close around midnight.   Exit at Sham Shui Po MTR station, exit A2.
Hong Kong Island itself has also interesting markets.  

The Lanes

This warren of shop-lined alleyways climbs up the lower slopes of Victoria Peak. You can spend hours exploring this maze of market stalls which sell a little bit of everything.  Great place to browse for cut-rate clothing and for fresh fruit and chops.  The Lanes are a short walk from the Central MTR station (exit C).  Simply walk west on Des Voeux Road and turn left up the first crowded alley full of shoppers.

Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road is the place for both genuine and imitation Chinese art and antiquities, though the best browsing is on Cat Street. This one-block pedestrian street is half flea-market and half boutique, with junk shops at one end and high-priced antiquities stores at the other.  No matter what you buy, bargain hard. It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at sunset. Take the (world’s longest) escalator to Hollywood Road and walk west to the Man Mo Temple; take a right down the steps of Ladder Street to Cat Street.

Ventes Privées in Paris

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The Sample Sales have started last week in Paris and going on until next week. Following is my selection of invitations. Click on the brands below, print and run! If you want to avoid the fights and long lines, try to get there half an hour before the opening on a week day. GO!

Article23 –  Antik Batik –  ba&sh –  Berenice – Bill Tornade    

 by zoe – Erotokritos – Kookai – Les petites –  Maje – Manoush   

 Sandro Stella Forest  – Tara Jarmon –  Zadig&Voltaire

Green Gold Rush in Interior Design

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We are being bombarded with information that’s ethical, organic, sustainable, ecological, green… Is this another attack of marketing? Another strategy to sell more? On the contrary, the dictatorship of anti-consumerism? Maybe just the result of the sad ecological assessment: global warming, species disappearance, weather shocks… It appears that emergency is real and the World is in our hands!
Interior designers seem to have worked hard lately to think about a sustainable home in the years to come, and I’d like to focus on how one can make its home greener in France, being fun, creative and fashion forward.

Cardboard Design

In the world of green furniture, cardboard furniture is most evidently one of the biggest revolutions. I can’t think of my Grand Mother buying a cardboard dresser or even imagine it! However, it is fun, green, cheap, light, cardboard is known to be recyclable and biodegradable and despite beliefs, it is a very strong material! Table, chest of drawers, bed, armchair, bookcase… The most crazy shapes and colors are to be found all over the house. There is no such need of coatings, solvents or toxic glues and the energetic cost of production is very low, especially when the cardboard has already been recycled!
The Parisian Christophe Flahaut, who created tonkR is undoubtedly one of the industry leaders. All his creation are hand-crafted but sold at reasonable prices ranging for example from 800 to 1000 euros for a chest drawer. More industrial pieces are to be found on this market too, as it is the case with Orika and its set of four chairs and a table sold for 154 euros!
A chest drawer by tonkR                                           

 Flea Market

Shopping in flea markets is fun, full of discoveries, nice smells, reminds you of the good all times and makes the perfect Sunday walkway. And as you all know, buying antiques means recycling. As a real amateur of old furniture and antiques, I have a predilection for the Montreuil and Vanves “Puces”.
The one in Porte de Vanves (Avenue Georges-Lafenestre and Avenue Marc Sangnier)  has an enormous range of bric-a-brac antiques, whereas the Puces de Montreuil (cross the ring road and make a left) is more into pieces of furniture as such. These two flea markets are open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Montreuil all year round, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

 Personal Wind Turbine

After proclaiming that “everything he had ever designed was useless” Philippe Starck started designing something truly useful and trendy: a mini-turbine for people to use at home to generate their own wind power. The mini-turbine is made of clear polycarbonate and is said to be capable of providing 20-60% of the power needs for the average home. It comes in stainless steel, bright orange or a transparent plastic that will be almost invisible on your roof.
The Starck turbine is being developed in conjunction with Pramac Lifter France, and after a couple years of research and hard work, it will be available this coming December with a price tag around 400 € for the smaller version (150w), plus connectic costs, and price of the roller and battery. The future distributors are kept secret until the formal launch but The Conran Shop could be a good guess!
The first Starck turbine to be released will be the1000w model followed by the 400w and 150w in the weeks to come.

Got cold feet about buying shoes size 10?

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Charlemagne’s mother, big-footed Bertha wore soft cloth or Byzantine shoes neatly laced over a front slit, which made her a trendsetter even though she had tremendously large feet!
Problem is… being a big-footed Bertha in this modern world is a lot more tricky not to say impossible on some continents! I wish somebody had told me when moving to Hong Kong to pack all my shoes as I nearly ended bare-footed in a city where size 7 is huge, 8 unusual and over that: impossible and a rich source of laughs in the stores!
Being a Bertha myself, I thought about giving you some tips to be a real trendsetter in shoe fashion even though you wear a size 9, 10 or 11…

As the USA is the best country for this, my focus will be on New York shopping!

Alice + Olivia for Payless Shoe Source

Three stores in Manhattan: 716 Lexington Ave/ 60E 42nd St/ 609 8th Ave
In the Spring of 2008, Alice + Olivia paired with Payless to do a creative collaboration and is providing a full collection of shoes to the Payless stores each season! From flat ballet to boots, those are always great, trendy and available up to size 11 (43)!
Stacey Bendet launched the Alice + Olivia collection at Barneys NY in 2002. Nicknamed Stacey pants, she was often found rollerblading through the city in those bold striped bell bottoms that the collection became famous for. The line focused on pants before expanding gradually to sexy dresses, great sweaters, structural coats and shoes.

Beacon’s closet in Williamsburg

88N 11th St, Brooklyn
Just a couple train stops from Manhattan and you get to this 5500 square foot clothing paradise a.k.a. the Temple of Vintage. The shoes selection is unbelievable, sorted by colours with lots of large sizes from $5 to $100 already worn or not.

Melissa at Kaight Store

83, Orchard St in Manhattan
The rumor has already been spread in the main fashion publications: Melissa is the first jellies brand in the world to create plastic accessories valuing design and elegance. Eco-fashion, Brazilian and so avant-garde! It’s distributed in various places in New York but Kaight store has one the best selection in sizes. Kaight is a carefully edited boutique that offers a one-stop shopping experience for those interested in clothing and accessories thoughtfully designed with organic and sustainable textiles.

Artists and Fleas

129 N 6th St, Brooklyn,
Artists & Fleas creates weekly markets where emerging artists, designers, vintage collectors, and handmade crafters can set up shop and come in direct contact with the consumer public. Established in Williamsburg Brooklyn, it has created unique destinations for buyers, sellers, collectors and cool-hunters from around the world. There is an amazing vintage shoe corner cheap and where a size 9 is just average!

From left to right and up to down
The Melissa Joy + Alexandre Herchcovitch model
Alice + Olivia Ballets Shoes
Vintage pair found at Artists and Fleas
Marc by Marc Jacobs at Beacon’s

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