Green Gold Rush in Interior Design

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We are being bombarded with information that’s ethical, organic, sustainable, ecological, green… Is this another attack of marketing? Another strategy to sell more? On the contrary, the dictatorship of anti-consumerism? Maybe just the result of the sad ecological assessment: global warming, species disappearance, weather shocks… It appears that emergency is real and the World is in our hands!
Interior designers seem to have worked hard lately to think about a sustainable home in the years to come, and I’d like to focus on how one can make its home greener in France, being fun, creative and fashion forward.

Cardboard Design

In the world of green furniture, cardboard furniture is most evidently one of the biggest revolutions. I can’t think of my Grand Mother buying a cardboard dresser or even imagine it! However, it is fun, green, cheap, light, cardboard is known to be recyclable and biodegradable and despite beliefs, it is a very strong material! Table, chest of drawers, bed, armchair, bookcase… The most crazy shapes and colors are to be found all over the house. There is no such need of coatings, solvents or toxic glues and the energetic cost of production is very low, especially when the cardboard has already been recycled!
The Parisian Christophe Flahaut, who created tonkR is undoubtedly one of the industry leaders. All his creation are hand-crafted but sold at reasonable prices ranging for example from 800 to 1000 euros for a chest drawer. More industrial pieces are to be found on this market too, as it is the case with Orika and its set of four chairs and a table sold for 154 euros!
A chest drawer by tonkR                                           

 Flea Market

Shopping in flea markets is fun, full of discoveries, nice smells, reminds you of the good all times and makes the perfect Sunday walkway. And as you all know, buying antiques means recycling. As a real amateur of old furniture and antiques, I have a predilection for the Montreuil and Vanves “Puces”.
The one in Porte de Vanves (Avenue Georges-Lafenestre and Avenue Marc Sangnier)  has an enormous range of bric-a-brac antiques, whereas the Puces de Montreuil (cross the ring road and make a left) is more into pieces of furniture as such. These two flea markets are open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Montreuil all year round, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

 Personal Wind Turbine

After proclaiming that “everything he had ever designed was useless” Philippe Starck started designing something truly useful and trendy: a mini-turbine for people to use at home to generate their own wind power. The mini-turbine is made of clear polycarbonate and is said to be capable of providing 20-60% of the power needs for the average home. It comes in stainless steel, bright orange or a transparent plastic that will be almost invisible on your roof.
The Starck turbine is being developed in conjunction with Pramac Lifter France, and after a couple years of research and hard work, it will be available this coming December with a price tag around 400 € for the smaller version (150w), plus connectic costs, and price of the roller and battery. The future distributors are kept secret until the formal launch but The Conran Shop could be a good guess!
The first Starck turbine to be released will be the1000w model followed by the 400w and 150w in the weeks to come.

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