Pick me I’m a bargain!

November 17, 2009 at 9:46 am | Posted in News, Videos | 4 Comments
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Hello, I’m Xavière and I applied to the (second) best job in the world

Letsbuyit is hiring an International Shopping Consultant whose mission will be to travel around the world to shop in the premier shopping capitals of the world: Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, New York City, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Don’t get me wrong, if some of you consider it as the second best job. I see it as the must have job, first among all!
The following video promotes my candidacy



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  1. Youhououou

    Oh yes, you can buy !
    If needed, I can testify

  2. I can testify too !!! You are definitly the best for this.

  3. Tu sais acheter: ça, je sais, car je te connais (un peu)!
    Mais je remarque surtout: que tu sais “te vendre”!

  4. X marks the spot: Xavière launches shopping job bid

    PARIS, November 19 – Committed shopophile and exuberant Franco-Spanish It girl Xavière Guerlay has launched her bid for the (second) best job in the world by launching her website, Xavierecanbuy.
    The canny socialite is putting her PR experience to good use by rolling out a blog that features not only her hair doing gravity-defying things, but also challenging the very premise of the competition itself.
    “There is no (second) in my book: This is the first/premier/primero best job in the world. My DNA was configured from before conception for this position,” Miss Guerlay said as she sipped a green-tea iced drink in Hong Kong. Or maybe it was New York. Or São Paulo?
    “I am ready for this opportunity, more than even the organizers realize. My passport has been ironed, I have been practising signing credit card chits with both my right hand and left hand, and my blog reporting skills have been boosted by the best. I’m even video-taping this interview,” said the spunky globetrotter.
    Letsbuyit declined to comment specifically on Miss Guerlay’s campaign launch.
    But a source close to the job offer said “She is of such sterling multilingual and multimediatic quality it’s hard to believe anyone else could come close. She is certainly the favourite at this stage.”

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